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Sticking Film Machine
This sticking film machine is specially designed for laminating thin protection film onto the surface of stainless steel profiles, plastic steel profiles and aluminum profiles.
Service line

400-1088-778 / 0757-85588578

Main Features:

  • The equipment adopts high quality transmission system, which is with the smooth running without noise.
  • The flexible adjustment lever, fixed in the machine, can have the film distance being adjusted rapidly and effectively. So to achieve the accurate positioning.
  • 'JYSF200' sticking film machine uses swift rapid changing and clamping device. The angle and direction of the pinch roller can be changed in a short time to adapt to the requirement of different cross section profiles. So, productivity can be greatly enhanced.
  • 'JYSF200.S' sticking film machine uses swift rapid changing and clamping device, with the feature of fast speed, high efficiency, is applicable for laminating 4 sides of the profiles.
  • Easy operation and user-friendly.

Main Technical Parameters

Product Dimension (W*H) (Maximum)
200 × 150 mm
200 × 150 mm
Operating Range
Top, Bottom, Left, Right ,
Bevel and Surface of Any Angle

Top, Bottom, Left, Right Surface (4 sides)
Speed Regulating Range
0 ~ 120 m/min
0 ~ 200 m/min
Work Temperature
0~40 ℃
0~40 ℃
Total Power
1.5 kW
1.1 kW
Electric Supply
220 V 50 Hz
220 V 50 Hz
Dimension (L*W*H)
2300 × 680 × 1450 mm
1850 × 750 × 1350 mm
Auxiliary Rack Dimension (L*W*H)
2500 × 500 × 800 mm
2500 × 500 × 800 mm
600 kg Approx.
500 kg Approx.
NOTES: Customized design according to customers’ demand. These parameters are for conventional configuration. The actual parameters of the equipment are subject to the ex- factory products. Please provide clear indication in the contract for any special requirements.